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Leading through trying times

Leading through trying times

Employees work from home. Events are canceled. Meetings are postponed. Travel bans.

Seems that the life has stopped. But what about businesses?

Navigating through uncertainty and minimizing of a negative effect of a global lockdown, decision makers are struggling to find a balance between an over-reaction and growing concerns. Having so may unknowns, it’s difficult to decide what is it better to be on the safe side or to play risky.

Eventually there will be a lot of cases and thoughts afterwards because these turbulent times are really unprecedented and may teach us a lot, but who will become new leaders? Who will play fair enough to win?

The one thing is clear: this breakdown needs not only extraordinary efforts but courage. And each business today requires their owners to act like real leader.

What does it mean to become a leader?

First of all try to keep calm. Studies show that most of employees are ready to rely on people who are self-confident and self-certain. So instead of being in panic a true leader can control over anxiety without stroking it, showing a signs of optimism, positive attitude, self-confidence and faith in future. People are hungry for compassion and assurance that everything will be all right. So that’s what they are looking for in their boss. Try to make yourself an emotional absorbent – don’t forget that if you are anxious and stressed out people will fill the same. And if you are ready to overcome difficulties and stay calm your business is ready to achieve success.

Value-added approach

When the earth leaves underfoot, it’s time to call for your initial goals. It’s time to recall values and remind your staff what this is all for. There are too many factors that we can take into consideration today, so we should count for our prioritizing. In order to prioritize, you have to become crystal clear with your own values and thoughts. Only these ideas can help you to choose the right way.

Foster your connections

When speaking about connections today, it may seem that this word doesn’t exist any more. But it’s not true. There is a huge connectivity around you and this connectivity is rapidly growth nowadays. If you want it or not, you are still connected to you family and friends, employees and clients, investors and vendors. Some type of connections are barely visible today but some of them have changed but still on their way. So right now it’s the time to strengthen all types of connections. And not only to build a successful business, but to feel the unity and support from your community and people you love.

Not to loose best clients

Leaders who are being too proactive in finding creative ways to solve challenges, may face an “old life” symptoms. What does it mean? It means that you may use this crisis to forget about the past and to build a more successful future. That’s a very common mistake. At the times when to get a new client will take twice more time and efforts than before (because today to build a really string relations in the situation of complete social distancing means to make something impossible) it’s not a great idea to forget the past and move forward.

Listen to your intuition

When your principles, thoughts and approaches don’t work any more it’s time to call on an intuition. Try not to stick to rational too much. We are all animals and inevitably will try to use our unconscious hints in this unfolding coronavirus situation. Don’t try to find some logic. Sometimes it is better to listen to your heart than to try to explain why and how. Be open and grateful.

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