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Mainland Company in UAE

If you are planning to open a mainland company in the UAE in a short period of time, you will definitely need to use a professional advice from set up experts and legal specialists or make all the necessary preparations by yourself in advance.

The choice of future company format may depend on many factors: the nature and type of business, type of services and products, size, flexibility and availability of office space, location and prices.

Company registration in the mainland in the UAE today is one of the most popular solutions for those who want to open and develop a successful and highly profitable business in one of the fastest growing and prosperous countries in the Middle East and the world.

What do you need to open a mainland company in UAE, Dubai

In order to open a company in the mainland in Dubai, you will need to prepare a comprehensive business plan and financial model, define your target market, customers and marketing channels through a market research, find potential partners and clients, which will allow you to achieve your business goals fast and reduce possible costs.

A general overview of setup of mainland company and start business in UAE

How to create a company in the UAE (the plan of the average procedure is indicated):

  1. Select the market and services/products;
  2. Clearly formulate tasks and SMART goals;
  3. Select an office, if necessary;
  4. Prepare a list of documents and title options.
  5. Prepare a business plan;
  6. Submit applications to the relevant authorities, pay fees and charges;
  7. Register a company, obtain permits;
  8. Open a visa/visas for the founder and employees of the company, obtain an Emirates ID;
  9. Open a corporate bank account.

You can open your own company on your own by reading our guide, but if you value time and effort, and also want to save on the procedure for starting a business in the UAE, using the knowledge and advice of our consultants, which allows you to avoid the need to pay additional taxes, choose the best office, with minimal effort and money to find a sponsor, if required by law, please contact our specialists.

Opening a mainland company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi with us: 3 simple steps

  1. Choosing the type of activity, scope, determining the format of the company with our specialist by filling out a brief or a free consultation;
  2. Signing the contract and initiating of payment;
  3. Preparation of the necessary documents according to the list that we will provide you, and arrival in the country to issue a resident visa and open a bank account.

Contact us today to get your company registration in the UAE within one week.

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What is included in the business plan?

Typically, a business plan includes detailed overview of business model, market analysis (based on research), business & marketing strategies and financial plan (cost & revenue projections / profitability). Tentatively, a business plan is 20-35 pages depending on the complexity of the business and takes 4 weeks to complete.

What is the cost of a Business Plan Consultant in Dubai?

The cost of a business plan services in Dubai varies depending on the scope of work, number of consulting hours and nature of fieldwork, in case market research (i.e. survey & interviews with consumers) is required.

How long does it take to prepare a business plan?

A business plan takes typically 4 weeks to complete. In some cases, a business plan can be completed within 2 weeks timeframe as well.

What is a typical process of a Business Plan Consultant in Dubai?

We initiate discussions (Phone / Skype / Email / F2F Meetings) to understand your needs. We review the requirements and prepare a detailed cost proposal, mentioning the scope, deliverables, cost and timeline. Upon agreeing on the proposal and signing the agreement, we begin with setting up the project and commencing with the fieldwork and development of business plan. Once the business plan is ready, we share the draft to take inputs and feedback. We revise and make updates if necessary.

What about non-disclosure and confidentiality of our business ideas and concept?

We understand the sensitivities attached with business concept and ideas. We provide full assurance with regards to the confidentiality of the business plan.

How much do you charge upfront?

Tentatively, we charge between 50% upfront and 50% upon completion. However in some cases, where we need to engage in fieldwork, we charge slightly higher.

What experience do you have of Dubai, UAE & Gulf market?

Our Founder & Director – Waqas Hassan is based in Dubai since 1992. Prior to setting up Research Konnection, Mr. Waqas worked in senior management roles in Dubai as well as supervised Academic Research for Business Graduates in the region.

Mr. Waqas brings heap of experience and knowledge of the Gulf market and is passionate in assisting business owners and companies in setting up or expanding business ventures in Dubai, UAE and the Gulf Region.

Can you provide references of your past customers?

Yes, we can provide references of our past customers whom we have supported in Business Plan, Market Research and Feasibility Study services.

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