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AI in the UAE: market, trends, opportunities

AI in the UAE Accurate Middle East

AI in the UAE: market, trends, opportunities

It’s a well-known fact that the UAE just boomed in recent years and broke into the list of the most developed countries. The reason behind it is that they are looking for the best technology that should be implemented to become the best in any sphere they aim.

Today the UAE is actively investing in their own AI projects, and also attracting the best projects and practices from abroad.

Digi7 has recently announced that it’s launching the first AI-automated solution for the revenue cycle in Mediclinis in Abu-Dhabi. This is an essential step towards the global goal of becoming number 1 in healthcare automation.

Platform Buddi.Ai, which became a huge platform in the Mediclinics hospitals chain, is already doing a lot to diminish costs both for healthcare takers and providers.

If you do a business in the AI sphere and you want to integrate it into the global market, for example UAE or Saudi Arabia, feel free to reach us out – we will help you out in opening a company, finding partners and investors or potential clients.

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