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Capital Raising

Capital Raising
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Capital raising Accurate Middle East

Capital is the lifeblood of business. Without capital, you cannot continue to fund your daily operations. Raising money for a business is just the first step to get it off the ground. Beyond that, you’ll need to raise funds to keep it moving.

Capital raising in UAE

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, lack of capital is one of the leading reasons businesses fail to survive, with just 25 percent of businesses lasting past 15 years. Raising capital for your new venture is the initial order of business, so let’s dive into what it means and how to do it. What is capital? Capital is technically anything that can be quantified with a dollar figure within a business setup. A factory’s machinery counts as capital. Intellectual property could also be classified as a type of capital. However, most people use the capital for business in terms of the money they have in the bank. Financial capital is often the difference between success and failure, so let’s talk about how to go about raising funds.

Types of capital for business

Raising capital begins with understanding your options for injecting that vital liquidity into your business. Capital raising can come from a variety of sources. The right option for your company largely depends on your current circumstances and weighing the pros and cons of each option. Here are a few different types of capital.

Debt capital

Debt capital is the most common way startups get the money together to launch their businesses. The concept of debt capital is that you borrow money to raise the necessary funds.

Equity capital

Equity capital comes in two forms: private and public equity capital. Private and public equity capital comes in the form of shares in the company. The distinction is that a publicly traded company can be bought on the open market by anyone, whereas private equity is strictly traded among a closed group of investors.

Net earnings capital

The final way to raise the funds is by increasing your net earnings. In other words, rather than giving away part of your company or taking on debt, you’re working to improve your output and profitability. Net earnings capital is harder to come by because it’s typically powered by raising money in other ways to up your capacity and increase your reach.

Capital Raising

How to raise money for a business

How do you go about raising capital if you are going into business for yourself? A complete understanding of capital raising is crucial to getting the funding needed to launch your new venture.

What questions we wil ask you:

– Your capital need
– A funding type
– Your business valuation
– Previous rounds of investments

Public relations and investor relations in MENA and UAE

Public relations and investor relations is an essential part of a business’s success. Whether you are seeking for investments, successfully raised funding, building a plant or trading some products at Middle East or in GCC, you will definitely need to be attentive to a creating of a thoughtful and detailed PR and IR strategy and its accurate implementation.

Capital Raising

Fundraising in UAE and MENA region

We are supporting our clients that would like to start-up or to expand their business through internal growth or through acquisition, but they are facing a lack of the financial resources to fulfill these purposes. We have a large network of financial institutions, mezzanine and pension funds, wealthy private individuals and family offices that are ready to consider a variety of investments from private debt to equity participation in an acquisition.

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What type of UAE companies can I start?

UAE allows company formation in free zone, mainland, or offshore. Business setup in UAE mainland requires a local sponsor and the license is issued by DED. Free zone companies can operate within a limited geographical region and the license is issued by particular free zone authority. Offshore businesses in UAE allow your company to trade outside UAE as well as take efforts to safeguard your wealth and assets. Offshore companies get a certificate of incorporation and not a trade license. All types of companies can be started in UAE and more than thousand activities are allowed by the Economic department.

How to renew my business license in the mainland?

If you want to renew the commercial license, the applicant should submit the DED registered certificate with necessary approval from the ministry of Economy and National Media Company. If you want to renew the trade license, then you should submit a valid Ejari certificate and other lease contracts.

Accurate Middle East supports entrepreneurs in obtaining their business license and timely renewal.

Why should I start my company in UAE?

UAE is a perfectly located biggest market of the world. It serves as a perfect destination to invest in different kinds of business. The business owners are free from taxes and they can expect exceptional logistics in all the emirates. You don’t have any capital restrictions while starting your business. Financial freedom is an attractive point that brings in employees from foreign districts.

UAE has mind-blowing business opportunities; business setup Consultant in UAE can guide you through the entire company formation process!

How long will it take to setup a free zone company?

Being a trustworthy and professional business consultant, we ensure fast and reliable business setup in UAE free zones. Usually, it takes around 3 to 10 days to setup your free zone company; it may differ according to the selected free zone. We make sure that all your documents are legal and concerned authorities have attested them.

If you’re not consulting a business consultant, it will take up to few weeks and it’s becomes difficult to clear all the legal procedures. So, consider A&A for your free zone business setup!

How to start an LLC company in UAE?

To establish your LLC Company in Dubai mainland or anywhere else in UAE, you have to reserve a trade name and other necessary preliminary approvals from concerned authorities. You get an MOA from the company and also, submit the lease contract to the licensing authority. Also, find a local partner and rented office space to start your business.

Accurate Middle East offer few inclusive and affordable packages according to your business setup requirements.

What kind of company structure should I choose?

This depends on your needs, as well as the needs of your business. You could set up your company as a Sole Establishment (this is the same as a Sole Proprietorship), as a Limited Liability Partnership, a Limited Liability Company, a Private Limited Company, or a Professional Services Company.

You also have the option of setting up your company on the mainland, in a free zone (only limited liability company structures are permitted here), or offshore.

Do I need to rent an office for my business?

A physical presence is mandatory for companies established on the mainland and in free zones. However, an offshore company is not permitted to lease office space in the UAE.

The good news is that there is affordable office space for everyone. If you want to keep your initial costs down, you could look at renting an office or any number of dedicated desks in a co-working space on the mainland. These are all fully furnished and ready to move in. In a free zone, you need to rent at least a desk in a shared office space. The added advantage is the some free zones allow you rent a flexi-desk, that is a desk you will be using for say, ten hours in a week. You still get your dedicated PO Box so that you have a unique address.

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