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Whether you’re an Emirati or an expat, the journey to financial independence inevitably starts by learning how to invest money in the UAE.

Why invest in the UAE

UAE has rapidly transformed from an economy once reliant on fishing and pearls, to become a financial powerhouse accessible within an eight-hour flight by two thirds of the world’s population. Add to this a diverse economy, stable political system, strong capital flow, favourable taxation environment and liberal trade regimes, and the UAE is now an attractive investment hub with a ‘2021 Vision’ of becoming the economic, touristic and commercial capital for over two billion people. These ambitious goals continue to facilitate a hospitable, well-regulated and secure business ecosystem.

How to invest money in the UAE

Having looked at the five common ways to invest money in the UAE, there are a few ways to consider when creating your investment plan around these asset classes. Today we are not going to tell you about the most traditional ways of investing but tell you about the sphere that we are dealing with.

Why UAE is the best place to be in

If you are interested to invest, UAE definitely is the place to be in. Why? Just because it’s the best place to make business and develop tech and innovations. Welcoming atmosphere of the UAE brings here millions of new businesses yearly. In a lot of them – you can find opportunity to invest.

Where to invest in the UAE

So, if you have a certain amount of money and going to invest here in the UAE, what spheres can you find? First of all – real estate. UAE and real estate they are like synonyms or twins – they can’t live without each other.

Why UAE is good for real estate investment

Why invest in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? The cities (Emirates) offer higher rental yields than many other mature real estate markets. On average, investors can achieve gross rental yields of between 5-9%. Property prices per square foot are lower than many other cities globally, making Dubai an affordable location to own prime real estate.

UAE Visas

Open your own business or company

It’s very easy to open a business in the UAE today. The government does everything to make a setup of new company (mainland and freezone) fast and not so complicated

Ease of doing business

The UAE presents a favourable business environment. Excellent infrastructural facilities coupled with professional expertise and personalised services give the UAE an edge over other countries.

The UAE was ranked 16th globally, as per the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report 2020. So, make a market research, develop your business plan and simply start making money.

Invest in tech and innovations

The speed at which technology advances is getting faster. Businesses need to be aware of the technology that is available to them, and how it might influence their sales, costs and marketing.

New technology businesses have a wide range of advantages for business stakeholders. At the same time it is important for businesses to assess the risk and make informed decisions about whether to use the latest technology.

Advantages of new technologies include:

  • easier, faster and more effective communication
  • better, more efficient manufacturing techniques
  • less wastage
  • more efficient stock management and ordering systems
  • the ability to develop new, innovative approaches
  • more effective marketing and promotion
  • new sales avenues

If you are investor looking for new tech opportunities, come over for coffee, we have something to tell you.

Have a closer look at sustainability – it’s a whole new economy

Sustainable investing can not only be useful in terms of making money but also satisfying as is about companies solving the world’s biggest challenges can be best positioned to grow. It is about pioneering better ways of doing business, and creating the momentum to encourage more and more people to opt in to the future we’re working to create. Investing into sustainability which definitely becoming a trend in the UAE, not only a good way of investing money, but also a part of big idea.

Invest in real business

If you are looking for something traditional to invest in the UAE – we always have a few real businesses in the UAE to invest. Barber shop, beauty shop, home bakery, coffee shop, rental car salon in Dubai or Abu Dhabi – it’s a long-lasting business that can effortlessly generate revenue for you in a long-term perspective. We have different types of companies and businesses to invest.

UAE Visas

General “to-do’s” if you are going to invest into UAE or any other country

The desire for financial independence and prosperity leads many to ask how to invest money in the UAE. To invest money in the UAE, you have to:

  • Create an investment plan that includes your current situation, goals, budget, investment options, and an emergency fund.
  • Embrace long-term investing
  • The best way to invest money in Dubai is to diversify your assets, choose a profitable portfolio with a good return-risk balance, low fees, and low taxes.
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What is included in the business plan?

Typically, a business plan includes detailed overview of business model, market analysis (based on research), business & marketing strategies and financial plan (cost & revenue projections / profitability). Tentatively, a business plan is 20-35 pages depending on the complexity of the business and takes 4 weeks to complete.

What is the cost of a Business Plan Consultant in Dubai?

The cost of a business plan services in Dubai varies depending on the scope of work, number of consulting hours and nature of fieldwork, in case market research (i.e. survey & interviews with consumers) is required.

How long does it take to prepare a business plan?

A business plan takes typically 4 weeks to complete. In some cases, a business plan can be completed within 2 weeks timeframe as well.

What is a typical process of a Business Plan Consultant in Dubai?

We initiate discussions (Phone / Skype / Email / F2F Meetings) to understand your needs. We review the requirements and prepare a detailed cost proposal, mentioning the scope, deliverables, cost and timeline. Upon agreeing on the proposal and signing the agreement, we begin with setting up the project and commencing with the fieldwork and development of business plan. Once the business plan is ready, we share the draft to take inputs and feedback. We revise and make updates if necessary.

What about non-disclosure and confidentiality of our business ideas and concept?

We understand the sensitivities attached with business concept and ideas. We provide full assurance with regards to the confidentiality of the business plan.

How much do you charge upfront?

Tentatively, we charge between 50% upfront and 50% upon completion. However in some cases, where we need to engage in fieldwork, we charge slightly higher.

What experience do you have of Dubai, UAE & Gulf market?

Our Founder & Director – Waqas Hassan is based in Dubai since 1992. Prior to setting up Research Konnection, Mr. Waqas worked in senior management roles in Dubai as well as supervised Academic Research for Business Graduates in the region.

Mr. Waqas brings heap of experience and knowledge of the Gulf market and is passionate in assisting business owners and companies in setting up or expanding business ventures in Dubai, UAE and the Gulf Region.

Can you provide references of your past customers?

Yes, we can provide references of our past customers whom we have supported in Business Plan, Market Research and Feasibility Study services.

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