Financial modeling

Financial Modeling and Business Plans

If you are planning to start a new project and/or considering developing a new business a detailed business plan is undoubtedly needed. It will provide you with a highly valuable information for assessing and evaluating key milestones and be better prepared to significant changes that could always occur in our real life.

Why do you need it

It is said that a good planning will not provide a one hundred percent insurance policy against all possible negative events and financial losses but it definitely could secure a better understanding of what steps and when they need to be accomplished, what financial resources will need to be attracted. Evaluation of interest cost and overall impact on your project need to be assessed. Final outcomes for all stakeholders will need to be evaluated to satisfy all initial goals.
Moreover, external financial resources must be considered for project implementation. Investors and banks would require detailed plans and models to make sure financial soundness of proposed investments. Interest are to be fully paid on a timely basis, invested funds must be returned and investors returns have to be reached.

Why we

If you are creating a successful product and/or having a brilliant sound technology but you are not sure of what steps to be taken and how you should proceed, we are here to assist and help you to reaching your full potential and desired outcomes.
We have professional experience of preparing business plans based on your requirements for different industries, or in case you need an external support for an independent review and advice.

How can we help

That’s how we normally work on your task:

  • An extensive market research is to be prepared and incorporated in your business plan to make sure that the product/services are needed and there is no doubt concerning revenue bases and growth potential raised from investors/banks and other external parties.
  • A robust financial model is to be built that is designed to evaluate economical and financial benefits to be received, areas of risks ate to be identified and how they are to be addressed and possibly mitigated.
  • Different scenarios of exist strategy for investors to be analysed and finally presented.
  • Possible steps and sources of securing highly desirable funding from different financial institutions will be analysed and the best source is to be chosen.
  • “What If Analysis" is to be prepared and incorporated in financial part of business plan.
  • Final set of documents will be prepared accompanied with relevant appendixes. Investor’s investment proposal will be created and pitched for securing funding and providing conditions for further development.
  • At the end you will get a business plan that evaluates and describes the best ways to be implemented to achieve success in your business based on technological innovations, market penetration and addressed customers’ needs and demand.

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