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M&A deals and LBO consulting

Whether you’re an establishing company or at the beginning of your journey, you may explore and approach to consider M&A deals as the best possible solution to be executed for uncovering your growth potential, reaching new markets, obtaining new technologies and know-how. It is commonly appreciated that M&A deals can be the only option to accelerate your business growth and provide future desired financial returns contrary to organic growth. Accurate Middle East will ensure that your deal will be fulfilled in the best possible way while reaching planned financial outcomes.
We will be supporting and advising you on each step of M&A and LBO deal by providing a comprehensive analysis and review under both consideration in terms of (Buy-side &Sell-side). There is our professional approach for carefully studying and analyzing all relevant details and making a conclusion on deal’s offer to confirm its soundness and associated benefits to our Clients. Legal and tax associated issues are to be addressed and reliable advisors/partners will be approached if there are special needs and requirements. We will evaluate, discuss and draw your term -sheet in order to clearly meet and fully describe all important terms and conditions to make sure that each side has a detailed agreed plan for its execution. Documentations will be prepared for stakeholders’ consideration and necessary approvals.

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