Localization and scaling

Product manufacturing localization and scaling at MENA region markets

Along many years the MENA region has been hardly trying to promote the localization of industries in order to diversify its economy. Now when the GCC and many others economies feel the need towards diversification, there is a demand for a industries localization in the main sectors as the energy, the infrastructures, the real estate and many others.

How we make it

Every company has a long way and hard decision making process when starts localization of production in a new market.It’s important to measure carefully the potential success or failure on each local market. To prevent wasting of time and efforts, we advice to rely on accurate data and analytical abilities of professional consulters before moving forward.

  • So we would definitely recommend to start from a market research. We have to assess the market, find the right niche, make a competitors analysis and decide weather we are strong and innovative enough.
  • It’s always good to be prepared for risks and to have a plan B. So different types of SWOT, PEST and other analysis to predict the future and possible outcomes will be a plus.
  • Then we will have to prepare a correct business and marketing plan: don’t forget, that the market itself and customer behavior might differ from your country.
  • A correct vision of marketing and communication policy and estimations of possible sales levels are also highly needed.
  • Financials: if you overestimate your financial capabilities and underestimate hidden costs and difficulties in localization of your production, you might realize that you are in need for more money right at the middle of the project realization.

Need a professional advice?

So if you want your production localization process to go smoothly and need a professional advice in some specific area, don’t hesitate to contact us using contact information given below: hi(a)meaccurate.com or +971 580 590 2171.

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